Ebiz Assets Project Manager Tool Instructions

Project Manager Tool Instructions

Project Creation Function: You can create a new project at the start of the program or choose to load an existing one.

1. Create a new project by clicking on ‘New Project’. Enter in your project name, expected start and end dates of the
project and the priority category that the project falls under. Click on ‘Ok’ to create the project.

2. Your project will fall under the priority category it belongs to, which is under the ‘Projects’ panel found on the
left hand side. Click on the project name to edit details and view tasks of the project.

3. You can add new tasks for the project by clicking on ‘Add New Task’ and enter enter the task description, task
details/ notes and the start and end dates of the task. Click on ‘Save’ to save the task.

4. You can edit the content of existing tasks by selecting the ‘Edit Selected Tasks’.

5. You can select the tasks that you want to remove from the project by clicking on ‘Remove Selected Tasks’

6. When a task is completed, the checkbox next to the task should be clicked on and this will indicate the percentage
of project completion.

7. You can make use of the ‘Calendar’ function to check dates and manage your daily schedule.

8. Click on ‘Save Changes’ to update your project listings, schedule and content.

You can download the above tool and all the other free Ebiz Assets Software Tools … here

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