1. Click on the ‘Main Keyword’ button and type in the keyword you would like to search for.

2. Click on ‘Gather Keywords’.

3. Wait for the 100 keywords and the no. of daily searches to appear.
This will give you an indication of the amount of demand there is for your targeted keywords.

4. Either choose to conduct searches for more similar keywords by clicking on the ‘main keyword’ button
again and keying in a new related keyword or clicking on the ‘Add Keywords’ button to add your own keywords
manually. Note that the new keywords will appear below the original 100 keywords you’ve generated. If a popup
appears to ask you to enter a captcha code, just follow the instructions.

5. When you’ve gathered enough keywords, click on the ‘Gather Data’ button to generate the amount of
searches on Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. This will give you an indication of the amount of
competition you have for the three main search engines.

6. Click on ‘Save Results’ to save your results.

7. To conduct keyword research for a new set of keywords, click on ‘Delete All’ button at
the bottom to clear the results.

You can download the above tool and all the other free Ebiz Assets Software Tools … here

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