Ebiz Assets Duplicate Content Checker Tool Instructions

Duplicate Content Checker Tool Instructions

Content Comparison: Compare two articles side-by-side and check for their similarities,
calculate keyword densities and amount of duplicate content using the tool

1. You can import two different articles into the tool. One will be shown on the right-hand
window pane of the program while the other in the left.
2. Import the articles that you want to compare and analyze by clicking on the ‘Import’ button
which is found on left hand corner of each window pane. Each import button corresponds with
the window pane above it.
3. Then in the file browser box, find and select the article that you wish to import. Make sure
that the file is in either of the following formats:
a. Microsoft Word (*.doc)
b. Text File (*.txt)
c. Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
4. You can also type your article contents directly into the window panes.
5. Or you can also use the standard ‘Copy, Cut and Paste’ function where you highlight your
content from another application, click ‘Copy’ in that application and then press ‘Ctrl-V’ in
the Duplicate Content Checker tool to paste the content into the window panes of the program.
Make use of the following Windows shortcut keys to help you:
a. Ctrl-X :Cut
b. Ctrl-C: Copy
c. Ctrl-V: Paste.
6. If you want delete the content entered in the window pane, just click on ‘Clear’ button which
is found at the bottom.
7. Click on the ‘Compare’ button which is found on the top left hand corner of the program to start
run the comparative analysis of both texts. You’d realized that matching words that are found in
both texts are highlighted as the analysis goes. Words that are found in both articles will be
highlighted in different colours. This is for you to be aware of the similarities of the content
at a glance.
8. However, should you need to clear the highlighting, just click on ‘Clear Highlighting’ button found
below the respective window panes.
9. You can keep track of the number of words, sentences and paragraphs found in your article in
the boxes found below the window pane.

Content Analysis: Check for keyword density and duplicate content percentage which can help you to better
optimize your content for SEO purposes.

10. You can check the keyword density of the content by entering in your keyword phrase below each window
pane. And then click on ‘Calculate Keyword Density’ button to find out the percentage of keyword
phrases in the content found in the related window pane. It is recommended that the percentage is
kept between 1.5% to 6.5%.
11. The keyword phrase count or ‘No.’ lets you know the number of times the keyword appears in the text
and the phrases are highlighted for you to know where their positions are in the text.
12. The ‘Minimum Length of The Matching Parts’ box determines what the minimum size of text to be considered
when the program analyses for duplicate content. The preset sizes are words, sentences and paragraphs.
Just enter in the number of matching parts in the entry box and then select the size that you want.
13. The ‘Duplicate Content’ box at the bottom of the program is the analysis percentage done after summarizing
the duplicate content or similarities between the two texts in terms of a percentage value. The duplicate
content percentage is recommended to fall below 35%.

You can download the above tool and all the other free Ebiz Assets Software Tools … here

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