Sentry Pigeon – New Guide & Video Case Study helps stop hackers

Sentry Pigeon is a High-Caliber Multimedia Package consisting of a Professionally Written Manual PLUS My Video Case Study detailing how Chris Munch got hacked and lost a whopping $22,000, as well as how you can prevent it happening to you

Sentry Pigeon was crafted by with the help of a team of high-end developers who specialize in hack prevention

Here’s Just Some Of What You’ll Get:

The Munch Hack Video Case Study – Reveals How I Was Hacked, What Happened And Why It Happened Find Out If You’re Making The Same Catastrophic Mistakes I Was!

Rarely Discussed Methods Of How Professional Hackers Will Easily Infiltrate Your Unsecured Website And Cause Untold Devastation To Your Business Once You’ve Seen This You’ll Be Better Prepared Than The Most Every Other Website Owner Out There

7 Common Sense Security Measures That Most People Take For Granted Ignore These And Your Site Is Left Exposed And Ready For A Hacker To Steal Your Earnings Murder Your Rankings And Destroy Your Reputation

A Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough On Making Those Vital Security Changes As Easily As Possible With This Walkthrough Either You Or Your Freelancer Can Quickly And Easily Protect Your Site From 99%+ Of All Hack Attempts With The Bare Minimum Of Time And Expense So You Can Go Back To Concentrating Fully On Growing Your Business

How You Can Secure Your Own Computer To Improve The Security Of Your Websites Most People Think Site And Computer Protection Are Mutually Exclusive Don’t Make The Same Mistake Discover The Truth And Increase Your Online Security Tenfold

A Guide To Discovering If And When Youve Been Hacked I Didn’t Realize Id Been Hacked Until It Was Far Too Late But Armed With This Knowledge You Can Limit Any Damage To Your Site And Get The Disaster Fixed ASAP

Hack Insurance How To Ensure That If And When You Do Get Hacked It Wont Be The End Of The World (Or Your Business) And You Can Get The Damage Repaired Before Any Serious And Permanent Harm Is Done

While Sentry Pigeon isn’t meant to be the be-all and end-all manual on cyber security… It DOES serve as a comprehensive guide to the actions you can take right now, for the absolute minimum of effort and expense, to make your site more secure than 99% of others out there.

Hackers take the easy, dishonest route to gaining money at our expense

By making these adjustments, you make it VERY DIFFICULT for a hacker to profit from your hard work.

AVOID Getting Banned By Google… PROTECT Your Site Rankings… And Don’t Let Them DESTROY All Your Hard Work… …. Get Sentry Pigeon here.

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